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Multi-Zone Digital Pyrometer System

计絏だ跋代放璸 - 硈钡きや代放次

For Real Insight Into Your Manual Kiln

The TRU-VIEW DIGITAL multi-zone Pyrometer system can be factory or
  installed. The metal box includes a bracket for mounting the pyro-
meter system to either the kiln or a wall. The TRU-VIEW is available with
from 1 to 5 thermocouples. All thermocouples have 42" long lead wires-
although   with   the  digital  pyrometer   the   length   of   these  can  be
shortened or extended.

A tool to help you  accurately control your L&L manual kilns: Know the
real  temperature  in  your  kiln at all times. Get accurate low temperature control.
Accurately control cool-down.

Control temperature gradients:  With  the  unique  design  of the Jupiter and
DaVinci  manual  switching circuits, temperature differences are easily corrected
at  the  maturing  point  by measuring the  temperatures  to detect any difference between  top and bottom. Necessary adjustments are easily made buy the zone
switching controls on the kiln.

More  flexible  placement  of  loads:    You  may  place  your  load  to  best
advantage without regard to temperature differences.

Better glaze results:    This is possible when used with the Jupiter of DaVince
switching  action.  Control over the  flow of  glaze is possible by varying the time
and temperature. This may be accomplished  by  holding your temperature at a
particular level.  By observing your pyrometer and  using your switches to their
best  advantage,  it  is  possible  to  hold  your temperature constant for varying
periods  of  time until  through practice you are able to obtain  far superior glaze
and body results.

Quality construction: The pyrometer is an accurate digital pyrometer - much
more accurate over a full range than our older analog meters.

Three year Limited Warranty


With 8 Gauge Termocouples **With Industrial Thermocouples
Item No Price Item No Price

P/1 Pyrometer System with one (1) Thermocouple

计絏だ跋代放璸( 代放次や )

T-G-PC00/00 $3000.0 T-G-PCIN/00 $3300.0
**The Industrial Thermocouple is the standard 8 gauge thermocouple with a ceramic protection tube.