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Ceramic Solutions Fired Crackle Colours are lead-free and come in a range of colours that produce a unique cracked appearance. When coated with Hobby Clear or Sovereign Clear Glaze and fired, the Fired Crackle Colours are rendered food safe.


Fired Crackle Colours should always be applied to a clean, dust-free bisqueware (plain or previously decorated with underglazes) that has then been coated with one generous coat of Hobby Clear or Sovereign Clear Glaze followed by two coats of Fired Crackle Medium.

For the Fired Crackle Colour, an appropriate sized soft-glaze brush should be used to achieve the desired cracking effect. If a larger area is being covered, a generous sized brush should be used to minimise disruption to cracked appearance.

For best results, the Fired Crackle Colour may be applied quickly in several directions but always only the one coat over the Fired Crackle Medium. Cracking will occur as soon as the Fired Crackle Colour begins to dry. Care should be taken to ensure that brush strokes do not double back over already painted areas ruining the effect. The direction and pattern of the crackling effect will correspond to the brush strokes.

Once the Fired Crackle Colour has dried completely, 2 to 3 flowing coats of Hobby Clear or Sovereign Clear Glaze are applied and the piece is put through a normal glaze firing.

Each application of medium and glaze must be fully dry before the next layer is applied.

Care should be taken not to over apply the Fired Crackle Medium or Fired Crackle Colour. Over application may not achieve the desired result.

If the bisqueware used is decorated with Underglaze, the colours used will contrast with the Fired Crackle Colour and produce an interesting effect.

New users are advised to experiment with the effect before applying to final piece.

Physical Data:-   

Fired Crackle Colours may be intermixed with each other but not other product groups.

Fired Crackle Colours have a broad recommended firing range from cone 06 to 6, (ie. from 999oC to 1222oC). Many of the colours however, will remain stable when fired to 1300oC and are therefore suitable for use on porcelain and stoneware.